Jane Eyre

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've been neglecting my blog for awhile now.  Finally I've gotten around to posting!  I've added a new feature too - What I'm Reading.  I just finished reading Jane Eyre for the second time.  I first read it during undergrad a few years ago.  I remember discussing it in class and being disappointed that many of my peers were either bored by the novel or didn't read it at all - their loss!    Jane Eyre is definitely near the top of my Favorite Book list.  Now I'm reading Charlotte Bronte's The Professor.  I've never read it before.  It was written before Jane Eyre and before Charlotte Bronte's other well-known books so I'm interested to see how it compares.  It's a shame the Bronte sisters all died so young.  I'm sure they would have written many more wonderful novels if they had the chance.

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  1. Hey

    Glad that yoy are reminding us of the classics!

    Look forward to your review of The Professor - I haven't read that, to be honest, i have a pile of pending must reads and never get round to it : ( So I love to hear other people's recommendations!




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