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Friday, January 21, 2011


A few days ago I blogged about my new-found appreciation for ribbon.  As part of my ongoing "ribbon revitalization" project (does that make sense?) I decided I needed to organize my ribbons a little (a lot) better.  Normally I have them loose in a container that sits in a drawer.  Not very pretty or practical.  So, yesterday I built a ribbon stand.  I used a wooden circle (found it pre-cut in my craft stash) and a bamboo plant stake (found it in the garage) and attached the two pieces with a long screw.  Easy!  Well, I started adding the rolls of ribbon and the ribbon stand began to sway.  And then I added more ribbon, and the stand swayed some more.  Finally it just fell right over.  Anyway, the whole thing is just a mess because it's going to be such a pain to add or take away rolls.  Plus, when I spin one roll, all the other rolls start spinning and ribbon starts flying everywhere.  So, back to the drawing board.  I checked out Martha's DIY ribbon organizers (I should have looked there at the very beginning) and I think this box idea might work.  I'll try it out this weekend and see what happens.  Anything will be better than my poor, swaying ribbon stand :(


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