Sunday, January 9, 2011

Although I use ribbon for many of my craft projects, I am very much a ribbon novice. I've been stuck in a "ribbon rut" for a long time...only using simple, solid colours to attach to my tags & banners.  It wasn't until I actually took some time to enter the ribbon aisle at Michael's a few weeks ago that I discovered what I'd been missing!  The wide array of colours and the patterns is impressive enough - but then add width, texture, and sheerness, and the possibilities are endless!  I had fun this weekend experimenting with some ribbon while making new tags & banners.  I used the sweetest lime green ribbon with white polka-dots to attach to these little pig tags.  What do you think?



  1. My aunt works in a ribbon factory, so I've been blessed with ribbon remnants over the years! There are sooo many options...

  2. Good morning!Come on over to my blog and see that I awarded you as a stylish blogger...basically your on the top 15 every morning I read :) Have a great day!



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