My First Craft Show

Monday, September 23, 2013

Saturday was a big day for my little business.  My first ever craft show.  It was held in the historic Thornhill neighbourhood - not far from where I live.  The Thornhill Village Festival is an outdoor event that attracts thousands of people each September.  There's food, music, a parade, and a variety of vendors.

I had been watching the weather all week.  It called for rain ALL day Saturday.  And, guess what?  It rained ALL day Saturday.  My first ever craft show was practically a wash out.  Business was slow.  I had plenty of time to gawk at the variety of umbrellas that passed by.  I was grateful for the canopy above my head, the company of friends and family who came out in the rain to see my booth, and the nice, hot tea that my dad brought me in the afternoon. They ended up shutting the event down early and sending us all home (hooray for dry socks!)

Despite the rain, I still enjoyed it.  I loved the process of planning my booth and getting stock ready.  I enjoyed the face-to-face interactions that you can't get through Etsy.  I want to do more craft shows...but I think my next one will be indoors.

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