What I Love About Fall

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall is a great season.  Even though I'm a bit sad to see Summer go (it went by SO fast), I love Fall and I'm happy to see that it's almost here.  Here are my top 5 reasons why Fall should be embraced.

Fall, 2012
  1. The air is crisp and cool, not hot and muggy.  I'm so much more productive when the weather is cooler (both indoors and outdoors) and I love the feeling of fresh air.
  2. The red and orange leaves on the trees, pumpkins, chrysanthemums, and all the other pretty things that only come out in Fall.
  3. Tights, scarves, and sweaters.  I love my Fall clothes way more than my Summer clothes.  I was so excited to see an owl(!!) sweater at Old Navy - I bought it right away!
  4. Chai tea lattes. Mmm. Enough said.
  5. Christmas is right around the corner.  If there's a time of year that I love even more than Fall, it's Christmastime.  And it's only a couple months away ;)

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